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GitLab CI/CD is one of the most loved CI/CD tools used for DevOps testing. GitLab CI/CD has strong documentation, easy control, good User Experience on its side. Today, we will design a Gitlab CI/CD pipeline so that our gauge project will be running as soon as the Sonar analysis is finished. Actually, we had designed such a pipeline in the previous work utilizing the Jenkins CI/CD tool. Let’ see how we can implement the same configuration for the GitLab CI/CD pipeline.

First of all, there are many pros and cons for both tools. They are both open-source. …


Before reviewing this study, please make sure that you have reviewed and applied the previous study.

Hello, previously we have completed the installation of our CI/CD tools. Let’s see how to use these tools in practice.

First of all, it is better to aware that some packages and plugins must be installed. Besides, we are working on a docker container so some operations we are going to establish and maintain sound a little bit bizarre.

Step 1 — Inside Jenkins Container

Before proceeding, please make sure your Dockerfile file has been built successfully and Maven is installed. …

The CI/CD pipeline is one of the best practices for DevOps teams to implement, for delivering code changes more frequently and reliably. The fact is that it is so important to create your CI-CD cycle in order to implement new changes, test, and launch new features that matter for your users in a more reliable strategy way.

Continuous integration

It is the process of taking the developed code from the relevant repo, passing it through tests (unit, integration, etc.), packaging, and automating its installation in the environment to be tested.

Continuous Deployment

We can think of it as the last…

A Test Report conveys a story about the product, its quality, the testing requirements, and how well / or to what extent testing has been performed. A Test Report is a window of information for stakeholders about how much testing was done and what are the key risks associated with the product to make a release or no release decision. So, it is very critical for testers to generate clear, concise, and quality test reports.

This article is aimed to give a perspective on how much of increasing the rate of change of understanding the test report as efficiently as…


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Intellij Idea platform a gauge project, Logger definition.

Previously, we have indicated how logging your findings in the test automation to track your results and get high-level performance is important. Now, we will look a little beyond that.

Depends on the application that you are dealing with, your scenarios may long enough that is absolutely hard to keep track of your findings in this stack. Imagine a long console logger message, that you put into your program, flowing before your eyes. Actually, it is not mandatory to consider only the case of long scenarios. Even…

Suppose that we are asked to test some certain UI functionalities of a website which is a QA-Dashboard product for instance. The task is to check whether the notification can be sent to the user or not.

Broadly speaking , when a subject is considered as ideal in its field, we can say that it is perfect. It never fails , it is never exposed to any deterioration , it never wrongs. For example , in electronics engineering , internal resistance of a voltage source is not taken into account in circuit analysis for the sake of simplicity. We may able to think of that literal in software testing as the tests never wrong. Especially , ideal automated UI tests never fails etc. However, in reality, we should never fall into such a delusion. Every test software…

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